Taking MAD on Vacation!

And being able to go out to eat for grilled chicken and vegetables.

Keeping Keto in Disney World and Universal theme parks in Orlando is going to be a challenge. Drake has been on “The Diet” for three years, and so by now we have lots of experience and practice traveling “on the diet” and packing snacks for the day “on the diet” and even going out to eat “on the diet”. But this is our first vacation flying on a plane and then not going to a grocery store the first day after we arrive. Yikes.

Drake is pretty much doing MAD (Modified Atkins Diet, 1 : 1 ratio) at this point, which makes it a lot easier to go out to eat and order food off the menu. We no longer restrict his protein so he can order plain meat and fish off the menu like: grilled chicken, hamburger with cheese (no bun obviously) salmon, bacon and eggs and even turkey legs. The trick as always will be to get enough fat into him. Continue reading “Taking MAD on Vacation!”