3 Easy Heavy Cream Recipes

I usually have three to six cartons of heavy cream in my fridge at all times, and I still worry about running out when I’m doing a batch cooking day! Heavy cream is the superstar of fats that keto kids tend to rely heavily on (no pun intended) — but getting this concentrated form of fat into your keto kid’s diet  is not always easy. Kids of course have a mind of their own about what they will or will not drink, and drinking straight heavy cream can be challenging!  So, here are three easy recipes and hopefully three easy ways to get this important source of fat into your kid.

Tip: Organic heavy creams don’t have antibiotics, hormones or GMO anything’s, plus they contain only cream and no other filler ingredients. Continue reading “3 Easy Heavy Cream Recipes”

Maintaing the Keto Diet

Here is a link to a very hand guide on what procedures your Glut1 kid should follow while on the ketogenic diet.

Standard procedures for your Glut1 Kid:


It details which routine lab work to do, what daily supplements to take, and how to check for ketones. Glut1 kids and adults will be on some form of the ketogenic diet for years and even decades, so the standard procedures will also change over time — as well as the frequency of doctor’s visits. Continue reading “Maintaing the Keto Diet”