What do Parents of Keto Kids Eat?

I get this question all the time “Do Ken and I eat Keto too?” Yes! We follow the Ketogenic diet too, off and on, and see lots of benefits from it! We both have lost weight, we have more energy (especially mid-day when we used to have to drink coffee or soda just to stay awake) and we can often skip meals without too much difficulty. At first we did it as a way to lend support to Drake and to experience what he was going through. But now we do it as a way to stay healthy and energized.

One of the misconceptions we have noticed with the Ketogenic Diet is that people think it is high in protein; like Atkins or Paleo. But it is actually high in fat, and low to moderate in protein. You will have trouble getting into ketosis if you eat too much protein. 70% of our calories come from fat; the other 30% come from protein plus carbohydrates. We generally avoid refined and processed carbohydrates, starchy vegetables, or high-carbohydrate fruits. Higher fat meats are better for getting into ketosis, like non-lean cuts of pork or beef. This would seem like a recipe for heart problems and clogged arteries, but Ken and I have both recently had blood work done, and our cholesterol and blood pressure levels have not increased. And recent research supports our experience. Continue reading “What do Parents of Keto Kids Eat?”

What Do Keto Kids Eat?

Ketogenic Foods by Ratio.

The classic ketogenic diet of a 3:1 ratio means that for every 3 grams of fat you eat, you can eat 1 gram of carbohydrate plus protein. So 3:1 means that for every 4g you eat, 3g of that are fat and the remaining 1g is carbs + protein. That works out to eating  over 75% fat. Wow, that is a lot of fat … and math! So where does all that fat come from? What do keto kids actually eat? Sticks of butter, slices of bacon, glasses of heavy cream? Well, yes and no.

There are three main types of fats in foods: saturated fat, monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat. Eating foods that are high in these fats (yes, even saturated fat) is the goal of the ketogenic diet. Eating enough fat in the right combination (or ratios) with carbohydrates and proteins, is how you get into ketosis. Eating low-carb foods is equally key, and sometimes one can get fixated on the question “how many grams of carbs are allowed for this meal???” But simply eating low carbohydrate foods is not enough to get into ketosis. This is why parents of keto kids need to be very specific about the foods their kids eat, and precise about calculating the macro nutrients. Continue reading “What Do Keto Kids Eat?”