Keeping Keto Sweet

The best and worst low carb sweeteners for keto kids. How to keep Keto sweet and have your child eat tasty treats on the Ketogenic Diet.

The general advice given to parents of Keto kids by their dietitian in regards to sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners is: “Use With Caution” and “Avoid Altogether Until Seizure Control”!

Soooo, it can be a bit confusing on how exactly to proceed in incorporating sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners into everyday use and how to cut through all the marketing hype on low carb products so you only use foods that won’t effect blood-sugar levels or digestive systems. Continue reading “Keeping Keto Sweet”

So Delicious Keto Smoothie

Enjoy this So Delicious Smoothie with your keto kid. None of the juice or high-carb fruits. Rich and creamy. 3:1 ratio = Yummy!

Back before Drake started the Keto diet I loved whipping up fruit smoothies for everyone — and to be honest that was the only reason I used my ninja food processor. After a year of mainly using it to grind nuts, I am back in the smoothie making business with this simply recipe! This smoothie does not disappoint — it is rich and creamy and goes down smoothly (wink). Perfect for hot summer afternoons or an after school treat.  Continue reading “So Delicious Keto Smoothie”